April 11, 2010

Olivia's Day 11

Ok so today was the MOST BORING DAY EVER........You will not be entertained....

I woke up at 11:30 :|||||| AGAIN. And I start school again so that sucks

I had brunch, I guess you could say..at like 12.

SUPRISE! SAME AS YESTERDAY!...........ok then.

I then had to rush my butt and get ready for my sister's volleyball game so I spent like 1 hour doing that...

Then her game went from 2-3:30 ish and they won. Her team really sucked besides her and like 3 other people though. They just would watch the ball bounce in front of them, I was shocked they ended up winning LOL.

After that for "Celebration" it was chosen to go out to linner. Yes. The quiche has been postponed again....lol
We ended up going to Bob's Big Boy. We just got one in our town and we used to go a lot as kids apparently so that was a "must"
I wish I got a salad. I didn't resist any cravings today really. Which kind of disappoints me.
I had not even half of their "turkey burger" with pickles,lettuce and a little bit of 1000island which ended up spewing out the back anyway. It was kind of overseasoned so I didn't eat much. Oh and it was on a whole wheat bun. I had a side of fruit which was honeydew and cantaloupe. I only ate the honeydew because the cantaloupe was not really ripe enough for my taste.
I had lemonade to drink which was really tart but I didn't want to add extra sugar. I should have ordered water but oh well.

For dessert we shared the famous hot fudge cake. I had less than 1/4 of it, since maybe 5 of us shared it, so I am not kicking myself entirely.

At 8:30 I had another snack that I was craving. I feel so uncreative but I can't help it! But at least I added fresh ripe strawberries, right? HAHA. You will see more of this, this is gonna be easy breakfast to start my days!

Hope you enjoyed that LOL.
I didn't work out today besides playing volleyball for about 20 minutes after my sisters game. But it's all good. I'm gonna be walking, running,and jogging like all day on saturday at the relay for life so that will help majorly.

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