April 13, 2010

Day 13 for Vee!

Day 13, almost 2 weeks since I have started, that is AWESOME! So today was filled with YUMMY foods and amazingness. I don't really have anything to talk about besides food because I have been really boring lately, sorry :(

I had the sweet cinna-muffin from the 200 under 200 book again.

I know its bad not to eat in the morning and I had a lot of work to do this morning so I wanted something quick and this does the job!

I made a quesadilla and instead of just regular chicken, I added the chicken that we had last night with the bbq sauce so it was a bbq chicken quesadilla and it was amazing!

SO SO SO yummy! That chicken is just amazing, as I said last night. I also had some cheetos, which you all know I love.

We had the queen-of-the-castle sliders from the 1-2-3 book.

This was another recipe that Mel said was really good and again, shes right. These have so much flavor and are so yummy! They are super quick to make and its real meat (extra lean), just really good!! I had some reduced fat wheat thins too!

I made the chocolate marshmallow madness cupcakes from the 200 under 200 book.

So yummy and super fun to make. I love baking. The only thing I don't get about these cupcake recipes is that they always say they make 12 but I usually make 16-18, I'm not sure if I am not adding enough batter to the cups or what but they are delicious, so I will take more then 12 haha.

So that is all I have for you today! Hopefully tomorrow I will be working out, I feel I am finally at the end of my whatever-I-had, woohoo!! Until tomorrow..

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