April 12, 2010

Day10 for Mel

Saturday oh how I love thee. So We all know how much I love Saturdays. We woke up early of course because we like to hit the gym before it gets crazy. I ate a fourth of a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter just for energy. Gym was amazing we did circuit training (5 exercises 1 minute a piece w/ a 15 second break in between), 30 minutes of cardio after that and finished off with weights. Today was legs and as if I wasn't hurting enough we went heavy on weights again.

When we got home I had a light string cheese to snack on while we made lunch and got the house cleaned up. The hubby made us a delicious wrap. It had 3 slices of turkey bacon (approx 1.4 ounces), a slice of ham, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers on a whole wheat tortilla. It was delicious!

Now this is a different story. We made spaghetti. We always use the leanest ground beef possible so that wasn't to bad but we used regular spinach and four cheese sauce and regular noodles. I also had a 1/4 piece of garlic toast made with 1/4 of a ciabatta bread, light butter, garlic and salt. It was definitely worth the splurge.

Sugar free black cherry jello, with sugar free chocolate pudding and ff/light cool whip. This was amazing and the perfect chocolate cherry desert. I made a two boxes of jello but then for each serving I mixed one pudding cup and a tablespoon of cool whip. Yep it was amazing.

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