April 3, 2010

& it begins for Dolly.

i`m a teeny bit behind the other two in starting this hehe, i just purchased the Hungry Girl 1-2-3 book today, i went through the book & marked a bunch of recipes i want to try, so i am deffinently excited about that, as i was talking to vee i let her know that with me, it takes awhile to get into a routine of something, so with me i believe i will make a recipe out of the book here & there, mainly just trying to focus on good eating habits along the way, i`m deffinently going to try to make a lot more food from the book, they sound so yummy! then again it`s verry hard for me to get into that kind of routine so right now, i`m eating healthier & need to start my excersice portion of this, hehe as most of ya know i am fighting a damn cold & i`m sick as a dog, but you can bet as soon as i`m feeling up i am deffinently gonna be going back to the gym also do some workouts on the wii, so i just wanted to keep you guys updated on me so your not wondering why i am not posting what i ate & why i didn`t post. so wish me luck & expect more (:

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