April 11, 2010

Dolly isn`t Feeling Right?

so lately i have been doing a lot of thinking, & i feel like i`m not a part of this at all, i feel like i`m all alone in this weightloss crapp, like i know everyone secretly wants to lose weight, why do i feel so alone ? like i have no one to talk to, no one asks me how i`m doing on it or anything, so i`m feeling like what is the point !? like i`m so ready to give up & just not care anymore, no one else does, so why should i ?! maybe, i`m just haveing one of those days ? who knows. i`m just not feeling in this anymore, i was doing good, makeing food out of the book, i`ve made apple shakers, egg mcmuggn, cake on the beach, & more, but it`s like no one cares how i`m doing on this, i try to care but i haven`t cared about myself in so long, it`s fckn` pointless, i don`t know sorry for the depressing post, just thought i`d throw something out there.

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