April 11, 2010

Day 11 for Vee!

Happy Sunday! Lets get right into this! Today, I ate somewhat "light". It is sooooo hot outside and in my apartment and I hate to eat a lot when its hot outside because then I just feel nasty so I went for more simple receipes.

I had the sweet cinna-muffin from the 200 under 200 book.

I am not really sure why this was in a recipe book because its so simple to make and I am sure half of you have made it before but that's besides the point. This was cinnamon, butter and splenda on an english muffin. I usually make this on toast with all kinds of things that are bad for you (like real sugar) so this was a nice breakfast idea. I also had some banana chips with this!

I didn't really have a "lunch" today because I wasn't that hungry and because again, it was flaming hot. I did have some apple slices with some low fat caramel dip, which I think the juicy-ness of the apple was great for this hot weather.

I made the lean bean 'n cheese enchiladas from the 200 under 200 book.

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. This was great. To me, this tasted like a Taco Bell bean n cheese burrito. EXACTLY like it, but instead of a flour tortilla, it was a corn tortilla. For the record, one enchilada was 187 calories and a TB burrito is 370, so you choose. With this, I had a side salad with some fat free italian dressing. I have been craving this for DAYS and I forgot how refreshing and yummy salads were!!

For dessert, we had the mmmm! miracle mousse from the 200 under 200 book.

This was pretty much pudding and cool whip free. Good, but again, another thing that makes you think "WHY is this in a recipe book?"

So today I worked all day trying to get caught up so hubby decided that Sunday's will be our no work out day so we haven't and will not work out later. I am also getting over something nasty so I think my lungs might need a little break but to finish off with the week, I am pretty happy with everything I have done this week.

I have been getting a few emails and tweets about possibly sharing the recipes from the book with others. I don't know if the other girls are getting these requests, I assumed I was getting them because I was actually posting pictures but I don't think that its fair to the author of the book for me to give out the recipes since you do have to buy the book. However, if you go to the website, you can sign up for the newsletter which comes out Mon-Fri and there are recipes in there for new things that aren't in the book.

I do have some meals picked out that are from these recipes that are free so look forward to those. I will be putting links to the ones that I do make in that post so that you can try it out if you want. I hope you guys understand!

I also wanted to put my weight loss since the beginning. I know I have been putting updates every day about losing/gaining here and there but I think I will be putting official tallies in each post, or maybe just on Sundays. These will be tallies from the beginning each time so if next week I say I am down 12 pounds, it doesn't mean I am down 12 pounds from the following week, it means that I am down 12 pounds TOTAL since I started.

Total weight loss since April 1st: 8.8lbs

So, I think thats about it for today. I am going to go finish off my mousse and think about going to sleep.. maybe! Until tomorrow..


  1. mmm that desert looks fantastic!

  2. sooo amazing! that stuff looks so bombbb! still havent gotten to barnes and nobles yet ugghhdajsgnjdaksn ahaha but some of this stuff looks easy!
    great job girl!

  3. congrats on the weight loss, girl (:

  4. congrats and keep going! your doing fabulous!
    you have def convinced me to go out and buy these books! :D