April 3, 2010

Day 3 Mel

Ah Saturday.... Saturday is probably my favorite day of the week. The world seems so busy yet so relaxed.. IDK Normally this would be my "free day" except I changed that day to Sunday since there is no child care at the gym and we can't work out with the kids obviously.

I made "egg mcmugglin" again for a few reasons. It was really yummy, my hubby hadn't tried it and since I shop one week at a time I tend to buy the same ingredients for more than one of the same meal until the next week. Again I was really full and so was the husband. He really enjoyed it. I forgot I used the last of the ham in Friday morning's so I made 3 slices of turkey bacon to add instead of ham.
NF;Calories 174 Fat 3.5g

If you follow me on twitter chances are you read me bitching about the treadmill. I would rather do almost any other machine for twice as long. I hate running! Each minute feels like 10. Okay so now that I've thoroughly complained we did 45 minutes. I only burned 230 calories which only added to my distaste for the treadmill. Doing weights with Brian is a whole diff ball game. He pushes me way harder than I would ever push myself. Needless to say we hit weights really hard. Legs, arms, abs, shoulders you name it we worked it. Then back onto cardio for a cool down. Only 20 minutes this time. To finish off our workout we sat in the sauna for 10-12 minutes.

As soon as we left the gym we stopped by Walgreens to stock up on fluids since we had errands to run. I drank an entire gatorade (a ton of calories I know). After running errands we picked up some Blue Diamond almonds to snack on. By this time we were getting really hungry.

The only thing we ate out of the book for lunch was the "espresso cake in a mug". YUM! There are not words to describe the amazing coffee chocolate combo on this one. This will go on the list to make regularly. Since we stocked up on canned chicken for many of the recipes the hubby made chicken salad sandwiches. (chicken, pickles, white onions, a tablespoon of mayo and salt/pepper) We used the Sara Lee protein bread.

Small clamshell of blackberries

After seeing Vanessa's post for chicken enchilada casserole we really wanted to try them. It was just the 3 of us again for dinner. Cam said he liked them but only finished half of his. The hubby and I really enjoyed them. We each ate the 1/4 serving allowed and we were stuffed. I used mixed veggies that also had green beans and while it wasn't bad they kind of seemed out of place. I will prob try to find a different mixed veggie for next time. I didn't make a side dish since I'm training myself to eat smaller portions. Even if what I eat is healthy or good for me I find myself eating a serving size more than what I should be eating. So then in the scheme of things it's really not healthy because I'm still eating more and forming that habit.
NF; Calories 260 Fat 4g

Well tomorrow is technically my "free day"(which means I rest from the gym and I can have something to eat that I've been wanting all week and haven't had). I don't think I'm gonna take it though. I'm not going to the gym but I'm not gonna splurge on anything. I really feel to be successful on a healthy eating plan you need to allow yourself one day to not necessarily pig out but enjoy something that you wouldn't normally have. This way you don't have a constant craving and won't get discouraged. Most of the time on my free day my splurge would be ice cream or a cheeseburger extra pickles happy meal. I haven't wanted either lately

One more successful day down. Thanks so much for reading. :)

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