April 4, 2010

Day 4 for Vee!

I seriously can't believe I have made it this far. I for sure I thought I would have given up by now! Last night was a bad night weight wise. I know that your weight varies from day to day but after working out and weighing myself, I gained the 3 pounds I lost back. Granted I weighed myself after dinner and after working out and drinking lots of water, it was still pretty discouraging. I decided today that I will eat very light!

For breakfast today, I had the egg mcmuggin (which Mel has been RAVING about, so I had to try it).

And she is right, this is an amazing breakfast! I felt bad eating the whole thing, it seemed like a HUGE serving but it was only 174 calories so I guess it was ok! Along with that, I drank some raspberry Crystal Light. I hate the taste of water, I have never really like water so I am trying to get into the habit of it, since you should be drinking 8 glasses a day. That is why I picked up the Crystal Light flavorings. It has no calories, sugars, nothing extra so its just like drinking water but its flavored, so I can down it!

I had some of the left over pita fillings from last nights dinner so I decided to eat a half of a pita and some fat free vanilla yogurt with a few slices of apple shakers (which is in the 1-2-3 book).

The apple shakers are really yummy. They are just fuji apples with cinnamon and splenda but they taste great, even better in yogurt!

Tonight we had the kickin' chicken pot pie from the recipes and survival book.

This was DELISH!! Chicken, peas, carrots, mushrooms and the top is fat free crescents, definitely going to be one that we will have to make more the once.

I decided to do my daily work out before dinner because working out and weighing myself after I eat obviously didn't work in my favor. I worked out by myself because my husband is sick and was sleeping but mainly because he wants the easiest work out and I want a vigorous work out, so i did 45 minutes of cardio boxing and "dancing" on the personal trainer. I'm not sure how they even consider the dancing to be a work out because its not even CLOSE.

Mel is a really great support system for me. Last night when I took my weight I text her and told her how I felt and she talked me down and made me feel much better. I think its great that the 3 of us have each other to help us through these times, "dieting" isn't the easiest and its just nice to know that someone is there to help you through it <3

Until tomorrow...


  1. you are doing so great vee! i love youuuu <3

  2. dont get discouraged. weigh yourself first thing when you wake up after your morning pee. thats your true weight.. i like to weigh myself everyday to monitor my progress (but only in the morning) otherwise i know how you feel! or if you want t to see some REAL progress weigh yourself once a week. also since you've been working out make sure you take your measurements as you might not be loosing weight, rather gaining muscle, but you will also being loosing muscle.!