April 18, 2010

Day 15 for Mel


We went grocery shopping to stock up on ingredients needed to get back to more of the recipes. The one thing about trying to stick to recipes is shopping is a bit more complicated. It's also more expensive to eat healthy. Better for you? Oh heck ya, but expensive definitely. The husband and I paid extra attention to how much more we were paying for a low fat or healthy items vs the regular version. In some cases it was only $1 others it was upwards of $3. This isn't meant to be discouraging at all just our observances.

I woke up with a Texas size migraine so needless to say I stayed home from work. While I didn't feel like eating whole lot I did anyways just b/c I didn't want it to get worse. I had a Sara Lee mini bun (they are the cutest little things ever), half a wedge of laughing cow cheese, and a slice of thick cut lean ham.
NF; Fat 2g, Calories 140

Once we arrived home with groceries I made "Chili cheese dog nachos" from the 1-2-3 book which I had my eye on for a while now. We couldn't find baked tortilla chips at the store today so I made them with regular Mission tortilla rounds. They were really simple to throw together and the fact that you bake them in the oven made them super crunchy and gooey from cheese! As I make diff recipes I find that there may be some things I would do differently for the next time.
NF (book recipe) 1/7th of recipe Fat 3g, Calories 218

1. Would I make them again? Definitely
2. Would I change/substitute anything? In this recipe I would add more of the chili. The recipe calls for 2 cups which is almost a full can so of course I threw the remaining in. We would've preferred them to be more chillier! (if that is even a word lol) So if you like chili you might wanna go for 1 1/2 to 2 cans.

I was feeling so much better by the afternoon thankfully so I went to the gym. I did an hour of cardio, 6 sets of 25 trunk twists (see day 14 for explanation), weighted sit ups (see day 14 for explanation), legs, and the sauna. Totaling about an hour and 45 mins.

Another recipe I have been really wanting to try was the "Exploding Chicken Taquitos" from the 1-2-3 book. I know Vanessa has had these and really likes them. I have never been a fan of taquitos which is one of the reasons I really wanted to try them. I found that they were always greasy and had less than satisfactory ingredients. (just my opinion okay no yelling). Now this book changed my mind forever on this issue. They were so delicious. So thank you to HG for another amazing choice. I expected them to be softer and not crunchy like typical taquitos but spraying them with cooking spray while baking crisps those babies right up! As far as the inside goes it's just chicken, cheese, salsa and seasoning. Overall like I said they tasted amazing and were very so simple to put together.
NF (2 taquitos); Fat 2.5g, Calories 197

1. Would I make them again? Absolutely
2. Would I change/alter anything? Yes I added more than the 1/4 tsp of dry taco seasoning that the recipe called for as well as a little of salt and pepper to the "mix".

"Upside-down pineapple crush" from the 1-2-3 book. Yep it's as good as it sounds. This was so simple to throw together. It is full of yogurt, pudding, nilla waffers and pineapple. The recipe says it makes 8 servings but I made a huge bowl and still have plenty of left.
NF (1/8); Fat .5g, Calories 135

1. Would I make this again? Yes
2. Would I change/alter anything? Yes. It was really sweet not that I don't like sweet things but it was almost to much to eat more than a very small bowl at a time. When I make it again I am gonna use plain ff yogurt instead of vanilla ff yogurt, and no sugar added pineapple since you need the juice for the pudding mix. It wasn't bad just sweet.

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