April 20, 2010

Day 20 for Vee!

Today was a great day again. I had a great work out, awesome meals, I am just feeling awesome!!

I made the egg mug mexicali from the 1-2-3 book.

I love ketchup on my eggs, I have never had salsa on them but this was really good! Definitely different from your typical egg. I love that the hungry girl books have a lot of egg recipes because I don't eat them very often. There are only so many ways that I can think of to cook an egg, but they have showed me 43897 more!

Lunch was cheesy beefy quesadilla from the 200 under 200 book.

This was good, I think I like the chicken ones I made before better but this isn't something that I would never eat again. Great flavor and it uses soy crumbles, which I am coming to like a lot more every time I try them!

For dinner I made the HG's Best BBQ Chicken Pizza, which is an online recipe that you can find here.

This is supposed to be a CPK swap but I have never had this one when I went to CPK so I can't really tell you if its the same but this was delicious. It was big enough that you didn't really need to eat anything else and the BBQ sauce on a pizza was delicious! My husband ate 2 of these!!!

After dinner we went to the gym. We played tennis for about 30 minutes and then I started to feel really dizzy so I went and ran on the bicycle thing for a mile (which was 4 minutes) and then we went home. It was a small work out but today, I really felt it!

For snack, I had a granny smith apple. I made some peanut butter cups, which I will show you guys tomorrow (which is also an online recipe) because I decided not to have one today, but hubby says they are amazing!

Until tomorrow..

April 19, 2010

Day 19 for Vee!

Today was a WONDERFUL day motivation wise. The response I am getting via twitter and my formspring about my progress is amazing. To know that people are out there, reading what we have to say and getting motivated from us is absolutely amazing! I thank everyone for reading, following along and giving in your input.

I had some cereal. I really wanted to try the chocolate cheerios but I thought I would get creative and add some fiber one caramel delight. So I had that along with some vanilla silk.

This was delicious. I am a dork but the whole chocolate, caramel, vanilla thing was really tasty!

I was going to skip lunch because I haven't been losing any weight lately but I figured I would just eat lunch anyways. I had the perfect pizzas from the recipe and survival book.

These were as good as the first time around. I added some Hormel's real bacon bits for a little taste of bacon and they were yummy!!

Hubby chose to have the lean bean cheese enchiladas again from the 200 under 200 book.

This was awesome, just like the first time. I swear these taste like bean and cheese burritos from taco bell.

Today they FINALLY opened up the gym so we went and played tennis for about an hour and a half. I haven't felt so good in a few days since we couldn't really play hardcore like we wanted. Today has just been a wonderful day!

So, since I forgot to calculate how much I have lost yesterday, I made a point to do it today.

Total weight loss since April 1st: 10.5lbs

It is only 1.7lbs different from last week, but I guess thats ok. It's better then nothing. Husband said 10lbs a month isn't too bad. Maybe in 2024 I will finally reach my goal :D

Anyways, until tomorrow..

The Latest w. Dolly.

ok ok, so i know i`m not the BEST blog poster in the world, but i try my best lol, i post whenever i can ya`ll, i`m sorry i`m not an everyday post type of person? i guess? lmao. anywho, this past weekend, i spent it at the beach, me & mamadukes & the pups decided to go stay at the beach for the weekend, to get away & relax, things have been stressful w. me in class & graduateing & what not, so we went to the beach & i was SO OFF my diet there, i know i know but, it was okay to me, yes we ate out, hello we can`t cook in our hotel? & besides who wants to cook on vacation anyways ? lols.

so we ate out & i was off my diet completely, but you know what, we walked everydamn were at the beach not to mention me running with my dog down the beach, i haven`t walked/ran like that in a LONG time, my legs were so sore, so i felt like for the junk i had been eating, i worked off, & i felt okay with that, & when i got home, i was back on my "diet" better eating habits i suppose, & i feel great, i don`t feel like it was a bad idea to go off of it, like my girl vee said, it`s okay to go off track sometimes & i got right back on it when i got home, so all in all, i felt it was an experience to learn from, & i was satisfied in the end!

well that`s all for now ya`ll, i know my posts aren`t as fun as these other girls, i don`t tell ya`ll what i eat & ect. honestly that`s because half the time i don`t remember what i ate that morning, my memory is so far gone lols, but i will try harder to let you all know what i`m eating & such! (: love ya`ll! xoxo

April 18, 2010

Day 14-18 for olivia

I am really sorry I haven't been updating. I'm just SO busy and am too tired by the time I remember to do anything. I've been doing pretty well although I don't know my weight because 1. my gym scale LIES (lol) and 2. my wii remote things are all dead. :|

I have been eating really well. Here's what I've had today
I woke up at 11ish so I had some rice chex

then I went to bob's big boy with the fam and I got scrambled egg whites with turkey sausage with half of an english muffin and some fruit.
I had a few onion rings because we got them as an app but I didn't want to go overboard....For dessert I had a few bites of hot fudge ice cream cake and a few sips of a milkshake

I haven't eaten since...it was "linner" I suppose and now it's 8
I'll probably eat something soon just so I don't die.

Yesterday was relay for life and I probably walked around 1.5 miles around the track and then just random walking around. I was there from 11:30-11pm so it didn't involve much rest.

Today I went to my sister's volleyball game and afterwards played vball for 20 minutes. then after big boy we kinda just played volleyball for 2 hours so thats really good!

tata for nowwwww. hahah <3

Day 18 for Vee!

The last few days I have been feeling very munchy-y. It is really bad but I never feel hungry so I will have a light snack and it will be bad cause I just gain more weight. DEUHSJHFKJKDH anyways..

This morning I had the cheesed-up pepperoni pizza scramble from the 200 under 200 book.

I don't like tomatoes so I left that out and I had some toast on the side since it turned out to be pretty small. Really good, I am liking turkey pepperoni so it wasn't something that I was dreading making.

For lunch I had a salad with some fat free italian dressing and butter crunch peanuts or something. I was trying to make up for the weight that I had gained yesterday (I think it was .5lb) but that apparently didn't work LOL

For dinner, I made the HG's Spicy Chicken Crunchtastic Supreme from the newsletter, which can be found here.

We failed big time at picking out tortillas and there was NO WAY we were going to get this wrapped like they said we should do it, so we just ate them as tacos. Very delicious, a little spicy but very good. Great alternative to taco bell as the recipe suggests.

For dessert I made the Cocoa Loco Krispymallow Treats from the newsletter (I think it was last week) and the recipe can be found here.

These were super easy to make and taste really great so I suggest these to anyone (even if you're not on a diet), as they are really good. I have never tried chocolate cheerios before and I am not really a fan of cheerios period, but I got over that with these!

So we figured out why our gym has been closed. In order to get to the gym, you have to go through the pool area. They are cleaning the pool and there is no water in it so out of safety (which I don't understand AT ALL) they keep the door locked. They are pressure washing the pool tomorrow so hopefully we can get back to working out soon.

We went to the park tonight to play tennis, it was about 8:15 and all the lights were out, which I assumed is because its Sunday, boo.

I also forgot to do my total weight lost since I started so I will try to include that in tomorrow's blog.. Until tomorrow..

Day 18 for Mel

Sunday..You always make me sad.

I had the "Big bowl of breakfast" from the 1-2-3 book. I had to modify it just a bit since I forgot to get potatoes O'Brien and canadian bacon. Instead I left out potatoes and used 3 slices of turkey bacon crumbled. This was literally a "Big Bowl" cause there was so much food. I felt like it would be a bit odd since you use cauliflower. Not that I don't love cauliflower I just never had it in my eggs. It really made it so hearty and delicious. This def goes on a fave list. Although I don't think I would do to well eating this on the go. Maybe more of a weekend idea.
NF; Unknown due to modifications. Per book NFs; Fat 3.5g, Calories 262

1. Would you make this again? Oh ya
2. Would you change/add anything? Not to the way I made it this morning but I would like to know how it tastes with potatoes and Canadian bacon.

Since breakfast was so huge I ate a late lunch. I finished my steak from last night and some of Cam's salad he didn't want. I had to pick out all the cheese and it had regular ranch on it. Luckily he didn't drown it so it wasn't to bad.

The hubby made "too-ez mac 'n cheese" from the 1-2-3. The recipe looks pretty simple but I thought I would make sure so I asked him and he said yes, very easy. I haven't eaten whole wheat pasta on a regular basis and don't recall ever giving it to the kids but we all loved it. The texture is a bit thicker and there is some taste of wheat but definitely not noticeable. I specifically asked the kids to tell me how it was different so those were my answers. Again it used the cauliflower in cheese sauce like I used for my breakfast this morning. It made it very chunky and of course more filling. We really couldn't believe with all the cheesyness that this was okay to be enjoying. He also made some ham steaks for added protein so I had one of those as well. Oh and the 1 cup serving size is plenty. The recipe says 4 serving but giving everyone a generous 1 cup serving we had one left over. Yay for me taking my lunch tomorrow.
NF; Fat 4.5g, Calories 202

1. Would you make this again? Definitely especially on days I don't feel like cooking a whole lot.
2. Would you change/add anything? Nope!

Since the only book I have is the 1-2-3 Vanessa will occasionally send me recipes as well as we both get the newsletter. I've been horrible about reading them on the computer and printing them vs just checking them on my phone. Luckily Vee pays good attention and snagged the banana muffin one. I had a small bunch of 5 bananas that was already turning and I needed to use them in a healthy recipe. There are only a few recipes in the 1-2-3 book that call for a banana but I wanted something more like a muffin/bread. These were fabulously delicious! Last time I checked there were 2 left. The hubby especially enjoyed them. They were also very easy to make.
NF; Fat 3.75g, Calories 143 calories.

1. Would you make these again? I'm going to have pretty quick since they are almost gone!
2. Would you change/add anything? I did add one more small banana than it called for b/c we love bananas. I will prob make half the recipe for frosting since I still have a huge bowl left. I only put a thin layer and everyone liked them like that.

Day 17 for Mel

Saturday was our day trip. I was worried that because we would be traveling I would fall off the wagon. Since I missed gym on Friday and was obviously not able to go for our normal Saturday trip I made extra effort to pay attention and drink plenty while in the car to avoid "road trip munchies" haha That should be marketed some how.

We woke up late (we needed to leave by 6am, and that is when we got up) so were in a super big rush which made me so glad I made everything and packed it all the night before. We were gonna stop for breakfast anything so that was no big deal. We stopped first at Starbucks for coffee. I didn't want to eat breakfast there even thought I love their low fat coffee cakes. I'm not actually sure how "low fat" they are. (I should prob look that up huh?) They are very sweet and I wanted something with more protein to last since we had several more hours until lunch time. Oh for coffee I got a non-fat, no foam, vanilla latte. We decided to get Twisters which isn't too too bad. ;) I ordered a number #7 which is the "Taos" burrito. It comes with tortilla, cheese, green chili, ham, potatoes, and egg. I had them put the egg, and cheese on the side and gave that to Camron for his breakfast. So I ended up with ham, potatoes, and green chili. It was delicious and while the potatoes still carried calories/fat it did make it a bit better. If you have ever had a burrito from them you know they are huge. Leaving off just the egg and cheese believe it or not made it a lot smaller.
NF; Unknown

After we were done with the show we ate our packed lunch in our truck before heading back on the road. I made my sandwich on a toasted English Muffin. I used a whole laughing cow wedge, 3 pieces of turkey bacon broken in half, and deli style roast beef. It was one of the most amazing sandwiches I've ever eaten. No lie. I also made everyone a pre-measured bag of pretzels with the serving size in them.

Friday night I made up 2 batches of cookies. One was the "Peanut butter softies" from the 1-2-3 book which I had already made prior to then. The other batch was the "Oatmeal raisin softies" also from the 1-2-3 book. I chose to have an oatmeal raisin one which is my fave cookie anyways. It was so amazing. Def of the top 3 cookies I've ever eaten.

Once we got back into town we decided to eat out since we haven't in so long. We chose Texas Roadhouse which at one time was a 1-2 time a week occurrence. I went over in my head on the way what I would order/leave off/ and so forth since the food is amazing but not skimping on calories. I fought the urge not to eat the bread for the longest time but I broke down and cut one piece in half. Luckily I found one with little to no butter on the top. After that I decided to get a diet coke and So Co with lime to avoid any more break downs lol. I ordered an 11 ounce sirloin to split with Cam. (splitting is such an easy way to cut back on portions and save $$$) For my sides I chose a house salad extra tomatoes, lf ranch, cheese and croutons on the side. I gave the cheese and croutons to Cam who also ordered a salad. (IKR a 4 yr old who loves salad!!!!). For my other side I ordered seasoned rice.

When they brought our food we asked right away for to go boxes. I cut my oldest's burger in half and put that along with half of his fries in the box and sat it on the bench. I took half of my rice and 1/3 of my steak and put it up right away. I've done this before for myself but according to my 10yr old he said he really liked it. He didn't feel like he was "leaving" any food on his plate and that the half was more than enough for him. So there ya go. Another quick tip. :)

Day 16 for Mel

Oh TGIF has never been more true. This week was especially long. I was sick yesterday which really made it drag on longer.

English muffin (whole) with a teaspoon of sugar free preserves. I never knew that sugar free jelly/jam was so good and get this.. Only 10 calories per TBSP. A few hours later I had about 1/3c of pineapple.

I skipped lunch today. It was something noodly and creamy which is sure to be not good for you. (Unless of course it's from HG :))

After work I had a small bowl of "Upside down pineapple crush" from last night and some raisins.

Gym; I skipped the gym today b/c we had a day trip planned for Saturday morning. We were having someone coming to sit the house/dog so I needed to get floors done and such. It really sucked cause Friday nights are my second Zumba class. It happens sometimes so I try not to dwell on it. I just know that I won't be missing any days this week if it kills me :)

I feel like each entry is the same "ooh I love this it's amazing" but it's been so true. I know that healthy eating can be tasty but I've never been so consistently impressed with recipes. So sorry if it's getting to be redundant but I'm pleased. I made "Fiesta bites" from the 1-2-3 book. It's basically a mixture similar to what goes into the taquitos but also has cream cheese (ff of course), rice, black beans, and taco sauce. They are wrapped in a crispy wonton wrapper. Okay, now you see why I'm so loving this book! Basically you mold the wonton wraps into a muffin pan crisp them a bit (sprayed with cooking spray) in the oven and add the mixture, then bake again to heat it all and continue to make the wraps crunchy and crispy. I've always been a fan of crab wontons from PF Changs so I was being kinda skeptical at first to the crispiness of these babies. Let me tell you they stood the test and kicked ass! (sorry for the language, it was necessary). I will be making these all the time. I'm going to explore new filling for them as well. Maybe I'll try to do my own cream cheese, crab mixture. Yum!
NF (1 "bite"); Fat .5g, Calories 55

1. Would I make these again? Heck yes! Everyday if I could.
2. Would I change/alter anything? I would def double the recipe and I did add more of the dry taco seasoning as well as twice the amount of taco sauce it called for. I used Taco Bell sauce which we keep in the fridge when they give us to much cause it's so good.

Day 15 for Mel


We went grocery shopping to stock up on ingredients needed to get back to more of the recipes. The one thing about trying to stick to recipes is shopping is a bit more complicated. It's also more expensive to eat healthy. Better for you? Oh heck ya, but expensive definitely. The husband and I paid extra attention to how much more we were paying for a low fat or healthy items vs the regular version. In some cases it was only $1 others it was upwards of $3. This isn't meant to be discouraging at all just our observances.

I woke up with a Texas size migraine so needless to say I stayed home from work. While I didn't feel like eating whole lot I did anyways just b/c I didn't want it to get worse. I had a Sara Lee mini bun (they are the cutest little things ever), half a wedge of laughing cow cheese, and a slice of thick cut lean ham.
NF; Fat 2g, Calories 140

Once we arrived home with groceries I made "Chili cheese dog nachos" from the 1-2-3 book which I had my eye on for a while now. We couldn't find baked tortilla chips at the store today so I made them with regular Mission tortilla rounds. They were really simple to throw together and the fact that you bake them in the oven made them super crunchy and gooey from cheese! As I make diff recipes I find that there may be some things I would do differently for the next time.
NF (book recipe) 1/7th of recipe Fat 3g, Calories 218

1. Would I make them again? Definitely
2. Would I change/substitute anything? In this recipe I would add more of the chili. The recipe calls for 2 cups which is almost a full can so of course I threw the remaining in. We would've preferred them to be more chillier! (if that is even a word lol) So if you like chili you might wanna go for 1 1/2 to 2 cans.

I was feeling so much better by the afternoon thankfully so I went to the gym. I did an hour of cardio, 6 sets of 25 trunk twists (see day 14 for explanation), weighted sit ups (see day 14 for explanation), legs, and the sauna. Totaling about an hour and 45 mins.

Another recipe I have been really wanting to try was the "Exploding Chicken Taquitos" from the 1-2-3 book. I know Vanessa has had these and really likes them. I have never been a fan of taquitos which is one of the reasons I really wanted to try them. I found that they were always greasy and had less than satisfactory ingredients. (just my opinion okay no yelling). Now this book changed my mind forever on this issue. They were so delicious. So thank you to HG for another amazing choice. I expected them to be softer and not crunchy like typical taquitos but spraying them with cooking spray while baking crisps those babies right up! As far as the inside goes it's just chicken, cheese, salsa and seasoning. Overall like I said they tasted amazing and were very so simple to put together.
NF (2 taquitos); Fat 2.5g, Calories 197

1. Would I make them again? Absolutely
2. Would I change/alter anything? Yes I added more than the 1/4 tsp of dry taco seasoning that the recipe called for as well as a little of salt and pepper to the "mix".

"Upside-down pineapple crush" from the 1-2-3 book. Yep it's as good as it sounds. This was so simple to throw together. It is full of yogurt, pudding, nilla waffers and pineapple. The recipe says it makes 8 servings but I made a huge bowl and still have plenty of left.
NF (1/8); Fat .5g, Calories 135

1. Would I make this again? Yes
2. Would I change/alter anything? Yes. It was really sweet not that I don't like sweet things but it was almost to much to eat more than a very small bowl at a time. When I make it again I am gonna use plain ff yogurt instead of vanilla ff yogurt, and no sugar added pineapple since you need the juice for the pudding mix. It wasn't bad just sweet.

Day 14 for Mel


I skipped breakfast this morning because I was running really late. Horrible yes I know.

I had a half of an English muffin pizza at work which of course was loaded with cheese so I had to remove some. NF unknown since I didn't prepare this myself.

So after work we did our normal child exchange so the hubby could go to work and Camron wanted McDonalds. I did so well resisting the urge to order anything. Go me!

I did my normal 35 on the elliptical but I ran into an old friend of mine and went to do weights and such with him. We did trunk twists (hold a 30lb or so kettlebell, lift your feet off the ground while leaning slight back on your bottom and twist. It works your obliques.) Then we did weighted sit ups (same kettlebell), and pyramids to work our abs yet again. (1 minute each holding your self up with only your feet and elbows middle, side, side). To finish off we did sauna for 15, steam room for 15 and sauna again for 10. I never made it back to finish my last 30 on cardio as this put me just before my 2 hr child care limit. Oh and I almost forgot I lost 1lb!! Yay for me!! I talked briefly with a trainer and unfortunately he said when you start a new diet/weight loss plan the first lbs you drop are water weight. So far I've lost 5 lbs of water weight. This kind of made me discouraged but it's better than nothing.

We stopped by Subway for dinner. We (the boys and I) each had a 6" chicken breast on wheat, american cheese, fresh spinach, tomatoes, pickles, cucumbers, mustard, lf mayo and salt and pepper. We split 2 bags of baked lays one in sour cream and the other in bbq.

April 17, 2010

Day 17 for Vee!

Still going strong. I have a banana cupcake waiting for me, so I am going to make this fast!

I made the choco-monkey oatmeal from the 200 under 200 book.

When I first saw a pic of these, I was thinking to myself, NO WAY will I eat this. It just didn't look right. When I actually read what was in it, I knew I had to try it. Its chocolate and banana, FOR BREAKFAST! The taste of this reminds me of when I used to eat cocoa pebbles with bananas on top. Its yummy! I think that kids would love this too.

I made the cheesy beefy supreme wrap from the chew the right thing recipe cards but I think this might also be in the 1-2-3 book.

You can't see whats in it, but its an amazing blend of soy "meat" crumbles, cheese, taco sauce and amazing sauce. This was so good, this is another recipe that reminds me of taco bell!

I am not too big of a fan of chili, never really have been but when I saw this recipe online, I knew my husband would love it. So I made it. This is the HG's Neat-O Chili-Frito Burrito, which is an online recipe you can find here.

Hubby loved it, it was just ok to me. If you like chili then this might be your thing but it's not something I am dying to eat again. I also had a salad with it. MMM..

So we went to play tennis in the gym and AGAIN the door was locked, even though my husband called the apartment office this morning and told them it was locked. They told him they would unlock it (considering we pay for a key to get in there 24/7) and they didn't. Needless to say, we were pretty disappointed.

We remembered that there were some tennis courts down the road from us, closed. Then we remembered there were another set of them a few blocks more, closed. We randomly drove by a park and found that there were tennis courts there and its only about 2 blocks from our house. We got there about 9:15 and they closed at 10 but they didn't turn the lights off until about 9:20 so we got a pretty nice work out.

I do prefer to do it in the gym because it gets hot and I feel like I am sweating out more but it was pretty fun.

So that's it for tonight. Hope everyone had a fabulous Saturday! Until tomorrow..

April 16, 2010

Day 16 for Vee!

I am so sorry for the lack of update yesterday. It was pretty uneventful. I skipped breakfast, had some left over chicken for lunch and hubby and I went to Souper Salad for dinner. So on to today!

I had the HG's Billion Dollar Blintzes, which can be found here.

I put some fresh bananas on mine with some caramel. I have had crepes before made by restaurants and stuff and I like crepes, but for some reason when I make them, they aren't that great. So these were disappointing to me.

I had the planet hungrywood sweet & cap'n crunchy chicken from the chew the right think recipe cards. I think this is also in the 1-2-3 book.

Mine ended up being chicken turds more then chicken strips but these were fantastic! You use cap'n crunch and fiber one for the breading and it was oh so good!

For dinner I made the Pret-a-Portabella, which can be found here.

I was a little worried to eat this although I LOVE mushrooms but it was something different. I absolutely loved this. The flavor was great and its a nice alternative to a hamburger (plus the recipe is free!)

I made the banana cupcakes with pb frosting from the 200 under 200 book.

I haven't had a chance to eat mine yet, since I am blogging but husband said it tastes very baby food-y. You had to use pureed bananas from the baby food section and the whole time I was making them, that's all I could smell. I know a lot of people that like baby food but I don't think I could eat it. I will let you know how they were in tomorrow's blog.

Hubby and I were going to go to the gym tonight and play tennis but when we got there, the gate to the pool was locked, which is really annoying since we have a key that allows us to go 24/7. I have been thinking about playing tennis all day so my dreams were let down, but hopefully we can play tomorrow.

That is all I have for you today, until tomorrow...

April 14, 2010

Day 14 for Vee!

First, I have to say, I think its amazing that I have stuck with this for 2 weeks. I know I have said it before, but I am just so PROUD of myself. This group of girls (and people who read & comment) are just so motivating and I am so lucky to be a part of it. Anyways, enough sappy!

I finally got to go to the gym today, woohoo! I still have a bit of a cough but not near as bad as it was. We went to Target earlier and got some tennis rackets and some balls so that we could play in the racquetball room. The gym at our apartments has this huge room of just white walls so we figured instead of boring work outs, we would do something fun and it totally paid off because we were in there for an hour and didn't even know it. I know that doesn't sound like a long time and I wanted to stay longer but I started to get a blister on my hand so we had to leave. It was a great work out!!

So on to the food..

Husband was off today so I made the cheesy green eggs 'n hamwiches from the 1-2-3 book.

This was really good. Of course the green part was just food dye but it really made a cool "experience", I know, I am weird. Hubby seemed to think that the green eggs were "weird", therefore made the whole thing taste weird, but I doubt that.

For lunch I made the hg's de-pudged pigs in a blanket from the recipes and survival book.

I HATE HOT DOGS. I think they are DISGUSTING. I made these more for my husband because he wanted them. I did have 2, however and they were ok. I just really really hate hot dogs so I kind of forced them down. He was upset that I made food JUST FOR HIM so I figured I would try them. So with my 2 I had a side salad with some italian dressing, YUM! My husband on the other hand, had 18 of these. I told him its not a diet if he eats everything in sight!

We had the queen-of-the-castle sliders from the 1-2-3 book again because they were really good and I had left over beef that I didn't want to go bad.

Just as good as the first time. I also had a half of a serving of the natural puff cheetos. I also had a glass of soy chocolate "milk", which was surprisingly really good!

After the gym we had some ginormous creamy frozen caramel crunchcake from the recipe and survival book.

This is caramel corn rice cakes with cool whip free in the middle. Then you freeze them and they are like little sandwiches. I wasn't really sure about the whole freezing thing, but they were really delicious. Because we were so hot from the gym, we had some apple slices too. Apples to me are always really juicy so its nice and refreshing.

So that was today's menu! I have a lot of work to do tomorrow and I am going to be planning the next week of meals, I can't wait! Then we get to go shopping for food. So until tomorrow..

April 13, 2010

Day 13 with Olivia

Today was really good I think!
I was really tired though and didn't wake up until 8. We have late start sometimes so we started school at 9:20 so I had plenty of time. We also have late start tomorrow.

Brunch: Nutri Grain Bar

Breakfast: Plain bowl of corn chex with 100% orange pineapple strawberry juice I didn't take a pic because I was rushing to get ready!

Lunch: Could have been better, but I was satisfied. PB+J On whole wheat bread, "natural" crunchy regular cheetoes (trying to get rid of em!) with an apple and pudding. Again no pic because I was at school!

Snack: Nutri Grain Bar...cooking makes you hungry

Dinner: After school I was pretty much on my feet for a while because I had to make dinner. I had to make the quiches! I made this amazing faux quiche that is crustless and with egg whites. it has 80 calories per serving! and tons of protein. I wish I had 2 servings because it was really filling but I needed the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow! (for some reason my brother decided to eat half of my crustless quiche) I had it with a cup of dole 100% orange pineapple strawberry juice with some strawberries

Dessert: Double Rainbow Chocolate Sorbet. 99% fat free. This was okay, I like it, but it's not even that satisfying so I'd probably go for a better option next time.

I should have excersised more (I'm off to work out for 30 mins now) (and I hate when someone goes to watch the tv right before you plan on doing wii fit..psh)
But the quiche process took about 3 hours and I didn't have time to go to the gym because I started drivers ed online, so I'll go tomorrow... (I need to get my permit before school ends so I can be ready to get my license on my birthday in august)

WAY better than yesterday though, I felt so bad for having that dominos I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN.
I'm also gonna see if I can get the books tomorrow finally........ :O

Day 13 for Vee!

Day 13, almost 2 weeks since I have started, that is AWESOME! So today was filled with YUMMY foods and amazingness. I don't really have anything to talk about besides food because I have been really boring lately, sorry :(

I had the sweet cinna-muffin from the 200 under 200 book again.

I know its bad not to eat in the morning and I had a lot of work to do this morning so I wanted something quick and this does the job!

I made a quesadilla and instead of just regular chicken, I added the chicken that we had last night with the bbq sauce so it was a bbq chicken quesadilla and it was amazing!

SO SO SO yummy! That chicken is just amazing, as I said last night. I also had some cheetos, which you all know I love.

We had the queen-of-the-castle sliders from the 1-2-3 book.

This was another recipe that Mel said was really good and again, shes right. These have so much flavor and are so yummy! They are super quick to make and its real meat (extra lean), just really good!! I had some reduced fat wheat thins too!

I made the chocolate marshmallow madness cupcakes from the 200 under 200 book.

So yummy and super fun to make. I love baking. The only thing I don't get about these cupcake recipes is that they always say they make 12 but I usually make 16-18, I'm not sure if I am not adding enough batter to the cups or what but they are delicious, so I will take more then 12 haha.

So that is all I have for you today! Hopefully tomorrow I will be working out, I feel I am finally at the end of my whatever-I-had, woohoo!! Until tomorrow..

April 12, 2010

Day 12 for Dolly.

so today started off bad, pups woke me up oober early, so my day started shitty blah, today was just an off day for me that`s all, anywho, for breakfast i had a nutrisystem breakfast bar, with some applesauce (no sugar added) & a small glass of milk, i was good for awhile on that, then for lunch didn`t eat much, i just ate some low-fat graham crackers, i just wasn`t feeling to good, then that is all i ate until dinner, i know that`s bad, i just find it hard for me to eat so many times a day, for dinner i had a chicken salad, which was delicious (: & today all i drank was water so that`s good well except the milk in the morning!

i didn`t make any meals out of the book today, just wasn`t feeling to into it today, just one of those days, but i feel better then the last time i posted, i talked to vee & she knocked some sense into me & gave me some great tips, so i`m glad i have these girls to talk to about everything, cause i would of gave up awhile ago lols, well until next time lovely`s! <3

Olivia Day 12

Started at school today and I thought I'd be okay but today wassss FAILED.

Breakfast: chex with strawberries. good!

Brunch: (2 hrs later) Nutri Grain Bar

Lunch: Turkey burger on orowheat sandwich thins, with ketchup and mustard.
Strawberries and Pudding

After I got home I started feeling feverish, stomach achey, and I felt like i had a high blood pressure so I kind of went overboard.

Midday snacking= 1 mini snickers (the little square ones) and a peanut butter cookie

Dinner: Dominos olive pizza=2 slices

I am so pissed at myself you don't even know!
But tomorrow I am just gonna kick my ass and work out really hard.
Yeah sorry for the dull post, during the school week I rush a lot :x

Day 12 for Vee!

Still trying to get over my lungs wanting to jump out of my throat so no exercising today. I hate it because I feel like I am getting fatter by the second but when I can't breathe in without coughing, I don't think exercising is the best idea. Send good luck my way so I can get my exercise on again!

I was being lazy and decided to stick with something I have already tried so I had the egg mcmuggin from the 1-2-3 book.

I am not too sure why I took a pic of it because you have seen it before, but I know how much you all love pics of the food, so here you go. It was as amazing as it was the first and second time!

I wanted something very light, tasty and low in calories so I went ahead and had a salad. 2 cups of lettuce, 2 tablespoons of low fat italian dressing = 41 calories.

I have a huge weakness for italian dressing and because lettuce is so refreshing, this was perfect for lunch today. Very tasty, filling and low in calories!!

I made the slow-cookin' bbq chicken 1-2-3 book.

I have to say, out of all the recipes I have made so far, I think this one is my absolute favorite. You mix a whole bunch of things in a crock pot to make a BBQ sauce and the taste of it is sooo good and amazing. Cooking the chicken in a crock pot makes the chicken sooo soft and easy to shred. 1/2 cup (the amount that was on top of my bread) of this chicken is only 149 calories which is AMAZING, this tastes like it would be 600 calories. Definitely a great taste!

So for dessert, we had the mmmm! miracle mousse from the 200 under 200 book.

Same thing as yesterday, but in Vanilla instead of Chocolate. This was ok, I would prefer the chocolate one as the Vanilla one felt like I was eating pure whip cream.

I think that's about it tonight. Until tomorrow..

Day 12 for Mel

Monday Oh how I hate you...

Honey wheat English muffin, one piece of ham, half a wedge of laughing cow cheese and mustard. 2 hours later at work I had about 1/2 cup of mandarin oranges. (they are my weakness)

2 tablespoons pineapple, 3 tablespoons homemade macaroni and cheese, 2 tablespoons of steamed broccoli (no butter, no salt). Diet coke to drink.

One Peanut Butter/Oatmeal softie (trust me they are fab)

When I got to the gym I wasn't feeling to much like working out. I had to kick myself into gear. I did have some frustration to work out so I channeled that and let it go. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical with the intent of being done but half way to the door I decided that I was gonna get a good work out if it killed me. I wasn't aware that Mondays was Salsa night so that is where I went. Class was amazing. It was exactly what I needed. I left drenched in sweat (gross I know but so amazing) As I sit here my legs may not get me to the shower. It was that good.

On the way home we (me and the kids) decided to meet up with the hubby (he got called into work for a bit) and have Taco Bell. I had 2 chicken soft tacos Fresco style of course and a diet pepsi. Yay for me right? Not so much. The hubby driving behind us decided to stop at McDonalds and bring the kids a surprise. In addition to the surprise for the kids he brought me a strawberry sundae and small fries. He wants me to "pee on a stick". The hubby intuition feels like there was a reason I should eat french fries and a strawberry sundae. I however am still undecided on that one.

Tomorrow is Zumba!

Day11 for Mel

Sunday Our Anniversary

Sundays are really laid back for us anyways and being that it's a no gym day we also use it as a free day. (meaning we can splurge food wise if we have been craving something)

I skipped breakfast (I know, I know don't yell). Normally I wouldn't do this but we didn't wake up until 8:30 and I was still full from Saturday night.

I had left over spaghetti. It's always better the second day, and did I mention we made meatballs!

My fabulous husband made Peanut Butter/Oatmeal softies from the 1-2-3 book. Wow these are by far the best pb cookies I have ever eaten. The recipe makes 6 gigantic cookies. They were sweet, peanut buttery and filling because of the oatmeal. I can't remember exactly the NFs and my book is outside in my truck. I would normally go get it but with the wind I might get blown away. Trust me it wasn't that much.

We love to cook out and since we weren't able to go to dinner to celebrate (child care issues) we grilled out like we love to do. We made chicken breast, and chicken quarters. For a side veggie we had green beans. (no butter, no salt). I only tasted a piece of the hubby's chicken quarters b/c I don't care for dark meat.

Late night snack;
So here is my second no no for the weekend. For some odd reason about 22:20 I started craving chicken noodle soup like it was the last food item on earth. (random I know) and since we didn't have any the husband went to find the next best thing. He surprised me with a ham and cheese grilled sandwich. It tasted just like a low fat ham and cheese lean pocket. He made it with 2 pieces of Sara Lee protein bread, 2 slices of ham and a whole wedge of skinny cow. He sprayed the bread and pan with cooking spray to grill it. It's not in the HG book but it should definitely be. I will be making that on the regular.

Day10 for Mel

Saturday oh how I love thee. So We all know how much I love Saturdays. We woke up early of course because we like to hit the gym before it gets crazy. I ate a fourth of a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter just for energy. Gym was amazing we did circuit training (5 exercises 1 minute a piece w/ a 15 second break in between), 30 minutes of cardio after that and finished off with weights. Today was legs and as if I wasn't hurting enough we went heavy on weights again.

When we got home I had a light string cheese to snack on while we made lunch and got the house cleaned up. The hubby made us a delicious wrap. It had 3 slices of turkey bacon (approx 1.4 ounces), a slice of ham, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers on a whole wheat tortilla. It was delicious!

Now this is a different story. We made spaghetti. We always use the leanest ground beef possible so that wasn't to bad but we used regular spinach and four cheese sauce and regular noodles. I also had a 1/4 piece of garlic toast made with 1/4 of a ciabatta bread, light butter, garlic and salt. It was definitely worth the splurge.

Sugar free black cherry jello, with sugar free chocolate pudding and ff/light cool whip. This was amazing and the perfect chocolate cherry desert. I made a two boxes of jello but then for each serving I mixed one pudding cup and a tablespoon of cool whip. Yep it was amazing.

April 11, 2010

Dolly isn`t Feeling Right?

so lately i have been doing a lot of thinking, & i feel like i`m not a part of this at all, i feel like i`m all alone in this weightloss crapp, like i know everyone secretly wants to lose weight, why do i feel so alone ? like i have no one to talk to, no one asks me how i`m doing on it or anything, so i`m feeling like what is the point !? like i`m so ready to give up & just not care anymore, no one else does, so why should i ?! maybe, i`m just haveing one of those days ? who knows. i`m just not feeling in this anymore, i was doing good, makeing food out of the book, i`ve made apple shakers, egg mcmuggn, cake on the beach, & more, but it`s like no one cares how i`m doing on this, i try to care but i haven`t cared about myself in so long, it`s fckn` pointless, i don`t know sorry for the depressing post, just thought i`d throw something out there.

Day 11 for Vee!

Happy Sunday! Lets get right into this! Today, I ate somewhat "light". It is sooooo hot outside and in my apartment and I hate to eat a lot when its hot outside because then I just feel nasty so I went for more simple receipes.

I had the sweet cinna-muffin from the 200 under 200 book.

I am not really sure why this was in a recipe book because its so simple to make and I am sure half of you have made it before but that's besides the point. This was cinnamon, butter and splenda on an english muffin. I usually make this on toast with all kinds of things that are bad for you (like real sugar) so this was a nice breakfast idea. I also had some banana chips with this!

I didn't really have a "lunch" today because I wasn't that hungry and because again, it was flaming hot. I did have some apple slices with some low fat caramel dip, which I think the juicy-ness of the apple was great for this hot weather.

I made the lean bean 'n cheese enchiladas from the 200 under 200 book.

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. This was great. To me, this tasted like a Taco Bell bean n cheese burrito. EXACTLY like it, but instead of a flour tortilla, it was a corn tortilla. For the record, one enchilada was 187 calories and a TB burrito is 370, so you choose. With this, I had a side salad with some fat free italian dressing. I have been craving this for DAYS and I forgot how refreshing and yummy salads were!!

For dessert, we had the mmmm! miracle mousse from the 200 under 200 book.

This was pretty much pudding and cool whip free. Good, but again, another thing that makes you think "WHY is this in a recipe book?"

So today I worked all day trying to get caught up so hubby decided that Sunday's will be our no work out day so we haven't and will not work out later. I am also getting over something nasty so I think my lungs might need a little break but to finish off with the week, I am pretty happy with everything I have done this week.

I have been getting a few emails and tweets about possibly sharing the recipes from the book with others. I don't know if the other girls are getting these requests, I assumed I was getting them because I was actually posting pictures but I don't think that its fair to the author of the book for me to give out the recipes since you do have to buy the book. However, if you go to the website, you can sign up for the newsletter which comes out Mon-Fri and there are recipes in there for new things that aren't in the book.

I do have some meals picked out that are from these recipes that are free so look forward to those. I will be putting links to the ones that I do make in that post so that you can try it out if you want. I hope you guys understand!

I also wanted to put my weight loss since the beginning. I know I have been putting updates every day about losing/gaining here and there but I think I will be putting official tallies in each post, or maybe just on Sundays. These will be tallies from the beginning each time so if next week I say I am down 12 pounds, it doesn't mean I am down 12 pounds from the following week, it means that I am down 12 pounds TOTAL since I started.

Total weight loss since April 1st: 8.8lbs

So, I think thats about it for today. I am going to go finish off my mousse and think about going to sleep.. maybe! Until tomorrow..

Olivia's Day 11

Ok so today was the MOST BORING DAY EVER........You will not be entertained....

I woke up at 11:30 :|||||| AGAIN. And I start school again so that sucks

I had brunch, I guess you could say..at like 12.

SUPRISE! SAME AS YESTERDAY!...........ok then.

I then had to rush my butt and get ready for my sister's volleyball game so I spent like 1 hour doing that...

Then her game went from 2-3:30 ish and they won. Her team really sucked besides her and like 3 other people though. They just would watch the ball bounce in front of them, I was shocked they ended up winning LOL.

After that for "Celebration" it was chosen to go out to linner. Yes. The quiche has been postponed again....lol
We ended up going to Bob's Big Boy. We just got one in our town and we used to go a lot as kids apparently so that was a "must"
I wish I got a salad. I didn't resist any cravings today really. Which kind of disappoints me.
I had not even half of their "turkey burger" with pickles,lettuce and a little bit of 1000island which ended up spewing out the back anyway. It was kind of overseasoned so I didn't eat much. Oh and it was on a whole wheat bun. I had a side of fruit which was honeydew and cantaloupe. I only ate the honeydew because the cantaloupe was not really ripe enough for my taste.
I had lemonade to drink which was really tart but I didn't want to add extra sugar. I should have ordered water but oh well.

For dessert we shared the famous hot fudge cake. I had less than 1/4 of it, since maybe 5 of us shared it, so I am not kicking myself entirely.

At 8:30 I had another snack that I was craving. I feel so uncreative but I can't help it! But at least I added fresh ripe strawberries, right? HAHA. You will see more of this, this is gonna be easy breakfast to start my days!

Hope you enjoyed that LOL.
I didn't work out today besides playing volleyball for about 20 minutes after my sisters game. But it's all good. I'm gonna be walking, running,and jogging like all day on saturday at the relay for life so that will help majorly.

April 10, 2010

Failed Day 10: Olivia

Today I woke up at 10:30. SUCCESSSS!ish. School starts again on monday so not really. HA. Well today was kind of strange.

Breakfast: We had donuts but I felt like I would kill myself if I let myself have one, so I resisted. I had a bowl of corn chex. For some reason I find that these taste really good even though it's not packed full of sugar like some of my other faves.

I was really full from this portion and didn't even get hungry until about 2 :O

From 1-2:30 I was at the gym working my ass off, or working my ass ON and working my stomach off.
I did okay. I did the elliptical for a little over 20 minutes. Don't know how many calories burned because for some reason it was BLANK. wtf. pissin me off.
Then, I stretched in the weight room and went on the roman chair to work my arms and help me lift my own weight.
After that I did a random machine, the shoulder press I think, to get rid of my sideboob fat which really isn't even a part of the boob. (tmi?) about 16 of those with 25 lbs.
Then I did the treadmill for 40 minutes. I can't really tell you what I had it on because I change it throughout the whole thing, although mostly I do a fast paced walk so I can read at the same time.
*****funny story time= This chick got beside me on the treadmills about 30 minutes into my walking. She was running 4.5 MPH so I decided I was gonna go faster. I was listening to BLAHBLAHBLAH by the kla$$$$$y ke$ha and went up to 4.5. TOO FAST TOO SOON. I put it down to 3.5 or 4 with the hand i had my iPod in. My iPod FALLS OUT OF MY HAND. ONTO THE TREADMILL. I bend down to get it like an idiot forgetting that there is a stop button. I was like "shiiiit!" and jumped to the sides, pressed stop, and ran the hell out of there. SOOO traumatizing. I didn't fall on my butt-total AFV Moment.

***weird story time= When I ran out of there I had to wait for my dad, so I was leaning against this wall checking tweets and drinking water. I wasn't really paying attention, but all I hear is BOOM!!!!!!!!! and the wall shook. I look up like WHAT THE HECK, this dude in a pick up truck rammed into the wall like 6 feet away from me. It didn't break though. He came out and was like O IS IT OK?! YES ITS OK! and ran back into his car and parked across the street, SPRINTING out of his car with his shoes barely on and a towel over his shoulder into the Y. LOL WTF?

Then after the gym at about 3 I had a grumbly stomach :O. So I had a nutrigrain bar. These had some protein so that's good or whatever after a workout. like I know.

After the gym my dad told me I should make quiche- so I stayed on the webz for 2 hours searching for good recipes. Then he said we were going out :| Something I've been dreading!

I was feeling a tad hungry after that too, so I had a small snack at 5ish. I took a pic of a lot but I ended up pouring 3/4 back into the bag because they were too salty.

So then we ate dinner at CPK at about 6ish. I was feeling quite hungry from the lack of food today since I didn't really eat lunch, I just snacked through it since I didn't wake up too early I wasn't hungry enough to have a full meal.

Now after the workout my body is like PROTEEEEIN GURRRL!
I overindulged. That is why this is called "FAILED day 10"
But that's okay, NOBODY'S PERFECT. Hannah montana~
I had Chicken Lettuce Wraps + 2 glasses of Iced tea with a total of 1 lemon wedge + 3 splendas total (so detailed right?) and for dessert I had Red Velvet Cake
I have a red velvet cake addiction. If i see it on the menu I have to have it.. :\ That's why i need to get the HG book with the cupcakes in it HAHA.
They have a nutrition facts menu and everything now so it made me feel worse. But oh well we have our bad and our good days: But 3+ Hours later I'm still not hungry so it was filling...

(pics from google images below this...I didn't wanna look like a freakooooo)
They gave me less chicken than this so I bet it was a little less calories than the atrocious number it said. The sodium was out of this world :(

By the end of that I was feeling very satisfied but kind of disappointed in myself. But then I realized it's only one meal. I can still lose weight. I just have to get my act together. I've heard somewhere it takes 60 times of something to form a habit. so hopefully in the next month or two it will feel habitual and i will always WANT to eat healthier, and always enjoy it. But I do have to realize It's good of me to find my eating problems on my own now, then later.


P.S. my wisdom teeth are coming in big time :( I have to get them removed in the next month, but that means..LIQUID DIET! AHHAHA. that will be a miserable week of major weight loss. Just in time for prom, right? I am totally kidding by the way. It will most definately suck....
Hopefully this ibuprofen will help me sleeeep <3

Day 10 for Vee!

desdisjfdjshkfjdhskjh, thats all I have to say. No, just kidding, but I feel like that. It was SO hot today, I was burning calories just breathing, yay for me!

This morning I had the big bowl breakfast from 1-2-3.

Pretty much this recipe was "if you have it in your fridge/freezer, put it in this bowl". There were eggs, o'brien potatoes, canadian bacon, broccoli and cheese. It was very different, there was a lot of flavors going on but it was pretty good. However, they aren't kidding, this bowl is BIG. I could only eat about 1/4-1/2 of it.

I had the super-svelte bacon melt (with turkey bacon) from the recipe and survival book.

And of course I added some YUMMY cheetos. If I wasn't on this "diet", I would probably have eaten the whole bag by now, haha! Anyways, this was good. Turkey bacon was new to me but I didn't taste a difference!

I made stuffed chick cordon bleu from the 1-2-3 book.

I rather liked this. It was chicken with some light swiss cheese laughing cow wedges and some ham. I have never had real chicken cordon bleu before because it calls for bleu cheese (I'm pretty sure) and I HATE blue cheese but this was good. My husband didn't like it though because he hates cheese. He still ate it though. I also steamed some asparagus and mushrooms.

I forgot to weigh myself before dinner so I ate and we went to the gym. It was kind of a bad idea because I feel like my lungs might take a vacation from my body and it was 100 times worse then what it normally is but I guess it was better calories wise, I just feel like hell now. So I did the bicycle thing for 15 minutes (or 3.24 miles) and then did the treadmill for about 3 minutes 12 seconds and decided I was going to die. Then I weighed myself after and I was up .4 lb's, boo, but that's ok!

Well, that's all I have today. Until tomorrow...

April 9, 2010

Day 9 for Vee!!

Not much to say for the beginning of the day. I am losing about 1lb a day, so my eating habits are definitely paying off, woohoo!! So on to what I ate:

This morning I had the double-o-cinnamon apple breakfast bowl from the 1-2-3 book.

This was.. meh. I wasn’t too impressed with it for a few reasons:
1. WAY too much cinnamon and I even used less then what the receipe called for.
2. Although I love cottage cheese and I love apples, I don’t think this is a great combo. I thought they would balance each other out to have an awesome foodgasm in your mouth but it was actually the complete opposite. They didn’t mesh well together, IMO.

So that is definitely something that I won’t be trying again. Every time I took a bite I felt like sneezing. I only ate about 1/4 of it because it was just too weird ):

For lunch I had 2 of the left over exploding chicken taquitos and some natural white cheddar cheese puffs, mm.

Before I made dinner, I did an hour of just dance for the Wii. That game is so fun but I find I can’t do it in front of my husband so I just do it before he comes home. It’s a good work out for someone who isn’t in shape, it really kicks my butt!

For dinner we had the sloppy joe-chiladas from the 1-2-3 book. This was something new for not only myself, but hubby as well, as this included soy crumbles. This is pretty much “meatless” ground beef.

When my body knows that something is "fake", even if it tastes good or not, I always get this gag thing going on when I put it into my mouth. For these, I didn't get that. It was pretty good. Hubby enjoyed it as well!

So that is about it for tonight. I am going to go enjoy a cake on the beach and do some work! Until tomorrow..

Day 9 for Olivia

Or day 2. Whatever. LOL. its easier to go with the same # as the girls, and I've been dieting as long as them so ok.

I had no breakfast. I woke up at 12. woops?

Lunch: Had around 1pm so it's alll good. Mel posted on twitter that she made english muffin pizzas with string cheese a few days ago and it intrigued me so I made it for dinner that night. I forgot to get english muffins so I use it on wheat bread with the toaster and a microwave (which is ghettofab..next time I'm trying the oven although I hate preheating time..). For lunch today I had to "slices" of that with a big cup of 100% Orange/Pineapple Juice.
The string cheese on them melts really weird because it kind of re-solidifies itself but it's no big deal it's just a strange texture.

Midday Snack: Well it's 4:41 when I'm snackin. I had the majority of this. One part of it was extremely hard. It's fresh pineapple that I cut (took like an hour) That's why the fresh stuff cost SO much at the store...geez.

Dinner: We eat dinner pretty late, so I was feeling pretty hungry. When I found out we were having burgers on the grill I freaked out and was like "MOM GET ME SOMETHING THAT'S NOT RED MEAT WAAAH!" So she got me turkey burgers by Jennie O. I was really scared to try these for some reason, but they were really good. I substituted the evill white bread bun for an orowheat sandwich round which is whole wheat. I put Lettuce, Ketchup, and Mustard on it! For a side I had 2 pickles and a serving of baked cheetos. I wouldn't have had the cheetos but my dad picked up these instead of the natural white cheddar ones from yesterday,but I think these were less calories?

Dessert: Strawberry shortcake! Angel Food Cake, Cool Whip, and Strawberries. This was kind of a splurge but it has kept me full.

Overall today was alright. I didn't work out at all. I'm kind of disappointed but tomorrow is another day. I'm going to try and make it to the gym if my dad isn't busy with work. I can study the California Driver's Handbook because I need to get my permit before the end of the school year so I can learn how to drive before college.
Total. Fail.