April 19, 2010

The Latest w. Dolly.

ok ok, so i know i`m not the BEST blog poster in the world, but i try my best lol, i post whenever i can ya`ll, i`m sorry i`m not an everyday post type of person? i guess? lmao. anywho, this past weekend, i spent it at the beach, me & mamadukes & the pups decided to go stay at the beach for the weekend, to get away & relax, things have been stressful w. me in class & graduateing & what not, so we went to the beach & i was SO OFF my diet there, i know i know but, it was okay to me, yes we ate out, hello we can`t cook in our hotel? & besides who wants to cook on vacation anyways ? lols.

so we ate out & i was off my diet completely, but you know what, we walked everydamn were at the beach not to mention me running with my dog down the beach, i haven`t walked/ran like that in a LONG time, my legs were so sore, so i felt like for the junk i had been eating, i worked off, & i felt okay with that, & when i got home, i was back on my "diet" better eating habits i suppose, & i feel great, i don`t feel like it was a bad idea to go off of it, like my girl vee said, it`s okay to go off track sometimes & i got right back on it when i got home, so all in all, i felt it was an experience to learn from, & i was satisfied in the end!

well that`s all for now ya`ll, i know my posts aren`t as fun as these other girls, i don`t tell ya`ll what i eat & ect. honestly that`s because half the time i don`t remember what i ate that morning, my memory is so far gone lols, but i will try harder to let you all know what i`m eating & such! (: love ya`ll! xoxo

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