April 18, 2010

Day 14-18 for olivia

I am really sorry I haven't been updating. I'm just SO busy and am too tired by the time I remember to do anything. I've been doing pretty well although I don't know my weight because 1. my gym scale LIES (lol) and 2. my wii remote things are all dead. :|

I have been eating really well. Here's what I've had today
I woke up at 11ish so I had some rice chex

then I went to bob's big boy with the fam and I got scrambled egg whites with turkey sausage with half of an english muffin and some fruit.
I had a few onion rings because we got them as an app but I didn't want to go overboard....For dessert I had a few bites of hot fudge ice cream cake and a few sips of a milkshake

I haven't eaten since...it was "linner" I suppose and now it's 8
I'll probably eat something soon just so I don't die.

Yesterday was relay for life and I probably walked around 1.5 miles around the track and then just random walking around. I was there from 11:30-11pm so it didn't involve much rest.

Today I went to my sister's volleyball game and afterwards played vball for 20 minutes. then after big boy we kinda just played volleyball for 2 hours so thats really good!

tata for nowwwww. hahah <3

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