April 9, 2010

Day 9 for Mel (and a catch up on the in between)

Yes I know it's been a few days since I've caught up with everything. It's horrible to get behind cause it seems like you will never catch up. But here goes and boy am I glad I can type 65wpm. Easter was amazing we grilled chicken on the grill, had a HUGE bowl of fresh fruit to snack on and I made a fruit dip just to add a little something. I just mixed fat free cool whip, fat free cream cheese, and plain fat free yogurt. I wasn't too sweet but really delicious and semi-good for you. (I'm gonna give a run down as best as I can remember this sorry guys) Monday I made the "Queen of the castle sliders" from the 1-2-3 book. I had 2 of them since I've been trying to cut back on red meat. The whole family was home and they asked that I make them again.
NF;(4 sliders) 254 calories, 5.5g fat

I did pretty good the next few days really watching my portions and having small snacks to keep me going and from over eating. We made our own trail mix with almonds, raisins, and semi sweet chocolate chips. I would either have 1/3 c of that or 17 pretzel twists if I was feeling munchy/hungry in between meals. Last night was "cheesy chicken enchiladas" from 1-2-3 again. Those are just to yummy! For desert the boys and I had the "espresso cake in a mug" They really enjoyed both again.
NF total; 407 calories, 7.25g fat

And here we are on Friday! Whew. This week was crazy because I have been fighting being sick and it finally got to me. I didn't go to the gym Wed or Thursday which was really hard for me because my body rebelled big time. I felt even worse inside and out b/c I didn't go. I had to force myself to get some rest knowing that if I didn't I would continue to feel ill. I came home from work about an hour or so early yesterday and rested. Today I'm feeling better than I have been which is a huge relief. I'm so excited for Zumba tonight and plan on really busting out a great workout! I feel that I have put on weight even though I haven't been eating a lot while I wasn't feeling good. I think it comes from knowing I haven't worked anything off.

Oh food duh! For breakfast I made my own version of a egg mcmuffin (without egg is how I order it) I toasted a honey wheat english muffin, added half a slice of cheese, a piece of ham and mustard. It was delicious. For lunch I am having left over cheesy chicken enchiladas. Not sure what we are doing for dinner yet. I will figure that out hopefully in the next hour or so.

Thanks for reading this chaos of an update.

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  1. great job girl!you will lose the weight!you're probably toning yourself up w/ ur zumba so you gained muscle??
    glad to know someone is doing the minimal red meat thing! (well I'm cutting it out completely although i accidentally had salami yesterday because i didn't know it was beef HA)