April 2, 2010

Day 2 for Mel

So last night I made "cake on the beach" without realizing that it needed to be chilled. Well let me tell ya it was worth the wait. It was so good and the perfect size for a sweet treat. It reminded me of getting a smart one desert. It was similar in size. I used small pyrex bowls to make mine in. So now onto my day..

This morning I made the egg mcmugglin' on page 74 of the 1-2-3 book. It only took me a few minutes and I threw it together the same time I started my coffee. I used a large coffee mug and wow it made a lot. I actually felt guilty for eating it and had to remind myself it was okay. I didn't finish it all because it was a bit much especially since I'm used to a very small breakfast. It was the perfect mix of cheesy, meaty, bready goodness. The liquid egg substitute was surprisingly good. I was a bit freaked out on that one for a minute. Not gonna lie. The only variation I made from the recipe was a dash of salt and pepper.
NF; 174 calories, 3.25g fat

Since I'm at work and don't get a break during my shift it's either eat there or don't eat. Even if I packed my own lunch I'm not supposed to eat it in the classroom so I wouldn't be eating my own food either. Sometimes the choices are good, sometimes not so much. Soooo I ate 2 fish sticks, about 3 tablespoons of mixed tropical fruit and carrots (no butter, no salt).

We went out to run errands around 15:00 and since the hubby and baby had a late breakfast they were beginning to get hungry for lunch. Cam wanted Taco Bell and the hubby wanted McDonalds. Since I was getting hungry I opted to go with Taco Bell. I ordered a Fresco chicken soft taco. It was delicious.

Tonight was Zumba yaya!! (it's like a new found love for me) The hubby finally renewed his gym membership even though he has access to a perfectly fine free gym. ( I love working out with him, he's so hot! hehe) The plan was for me to Zumba and him to swim for an hour and then hit the gym floor. It didn't quite work out that way. After we were both done he was really worn out so we just left. Class was ahhhmaaazing though. We had a sub and omg I wanted to kidnap her and make her Zumba with me all day long. She was so much fun. I was in the zone the whole time and pushed myself harder and harder with each move. It was the perfect ending to a long week. The sub teaches at a different location all the way across town. I will now be commuting once a week. This will make 3 Zumba classes a week for me.

Once we got home I started dinner right away. I started with our desert since it needs to chill. Since "cake on the beach" was so good I went with that again. Tonight's dinner of choice was the "corndog millionaire muffins" on page 250 of the 1-2-3 book. The recipe says it makes 8 but I filled 12 muffin cups. While I was waiting for those to cook I made the "slush puppy pineapple lemonade" on page 194 in 1-2-3. I wanted to use up the remaining pineapple I had from "cake on the beach". It was quite tasty and although it says serves 1 I filled 2 cups and shared with the hubby. I didn't make a side dish since it was pretty late and we weren't really that hungry. Cam (the 4yr old) really liked the muffins. He ate 1 and 1/2. I thought they were decent. I ate 1 1/2 also. The hubby didn't care for them and said he would not like to have them again. Bri (the 10 yr old) is gone hanging with his friends for Spring Break so he didn't get a chance to try them. These would make a good kid party food and I will probably make them again for sleep overs.
NF; (one muffin) 160 calories, 2g fat. (slushy) 87 calories, 0g fat

While I really try not to weight myself more than once a week or two. I hopped on the scale today out of kicks just to make sure the 4 lbs I lost wasn't a fluke and luckily it wasn't. Weight can fluctuate daily and mine sure does. I was really glad to see that I really did loose.

Tomorrow were hitting the gym first thing to beat the Saturday crowd so off to bed... Thanks for reading.

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  1. what is zumba? i keep hearing people talking about it, but dont really know what it is :S