April 10, 2010

Failed Day 10: Olivia

Today I woke up at 10:30. SUCCESSSS!ish. School starts again on monday so not really. HA. Well today was kind of strange.

Breakfast: We had donuts but I felt like I would kill myself if I let myself have one, so I resisted. I had a bowl of corn chex. For some reason I find that these taste really good even though it's not packed full of sugar like some of my other faves.

I was really full from this portion and didn't even get hungry until about 2 :O

From 1-2:30 I was at the gym working my ass off, or working my ass ON and working my stomach off.
I did okay. I did the elliptical for a little over 20 minutes. Don't know how many calories burned because for some reason it was BLANK. wtf. pissin me off.
Then, I stretched in the weight room and went on the roman chair to work my arms and help me lift my own weight.
After that I did a random machine, the shoulder press I think, to get rid of my sideboob fat which really isn't even a part of the boob. (tmi?) about 16 of those with 25 lbs.
Then I did the treadmill for 40 minutes. I can't really tell you what I had it on because I change it throughout the whole thing, although mostly I do a fast paced walk so I can read at the same time.
*****funny story time= This chick got beside me on the treadmills about 30 minutes into my walking. She was running 4.5 MPH so I decided I was gonna go faster. I was listening to BLAHBLAHBLAH by the kla$$$$$y ke$ha and went up to 4.5. TOO FAST TOO SOON. I put it down to 3.5 or 4 with the hand i had my iPod in. My iPod FALLS OUT OF MY HAND. ONTO THE TREADMILL. I bend down to get it like an idiot forgetting that there is a stop button. I was like "shiiiit!" and jumped to the sides, pressed stop, and ran the hell out of there. SOOO traumatizing. I didn't fall on my butt-total AFV Moment.

***weird story time= When I ran out of there I had to wait for my dad, so I was leaning against this wall checking tweets and drinking water. I wasn't really paying attention, but all I hear is BOOM!!!!!!!!! and the wall shook. I look up like WHAT THE HECK, this dude in a pick up truck rammed into the wall like 6 feet away from me. It didn't break though. He came out and was like O IS IT OK?! YES ITS OK! and ran back into his car and parked across the street, SPRINTING out of his car with his shoes barely on and a towel over his shoulder into the Y. LOL WTF?

Then after the gym at about 3 I had a grumbly stomach :O. So I had a nutrigrain bar. These had some protein so that's good or whatever after a workout. like I know.

After the gym my dad told me I should make quiche- so I stayed on the webz for 2 hours searching for good recipes. Then he said we were going out :| Something I've been dreading!

I was feeling a tad hungry after that too, so I had a small snack at 5ish. I took a pic of a lot but I ended up pouring 3/4 back into the bag because they were too salty.

So then we ate dinner at CPK at about 6ish. I was feeling quite hungry from the lack of food today since I didn't really eat lunch, I just snacked through it since I didn't wake up too early I wasn't hungry enough to have a full meal.

Now after the workout my body is like PROTEEEEIN GURRRL!
I overindulged. That is why this is called "FAILED day 10"
But that's okay, NOBODY'S PERFECT. Hannah montana~
I had Chicken Lettuce Wraps + 2 glasses of Iced tea with a total of 1 lemon wedge + 3 splendas total (so detailed right?) and for dessert I had Red Velvet Cake
I have a red velvet cake addiction. If i see it on the menu I have to have it.. :\ That's why i need to get the HG book with the cupcakes in it HAHA.
They have a nutrition facts menu and everything now so it made me feel worse. But oh well we have our bad and our good days: But 3+ Hours later I'm still not hungry so it was filling...

(pics from google images below this...I didn't wanna look like a freakooooo)
They gave me less chicken than this so I bet it was a little less calories than the atrocious number it said. The sodium was out of this world :(

By the end of that I was feeling very satisfied but kind of disappointed in myself. But then I realized it's only one meal. I can still lose weight. I just have to get my act together. I've heard somewhere it takes 60 times of something to form a habit. so hopefully in the next month or two it will feel habitual and i will always WANT to eat healthier, and always enjoy it. But I do have to realize It's good of me to find my eating problems on my own now, then later.


P.S. my wisdom teeth are coming in big time :( I have to get them removed in the next month, but that means..LIQUID DIET! AHHAHA. that will be a miserable week of major weight loss. Just in time for prom, right? I am totally kidding by the way. It will most definately suck....
Hopefully this ibuprofen will help me sleeeep <3

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