April 18, 2010

Day 17 for Mel

Saturday was our day trip. I was worried that because we would be traveling I would fall off the wagon. Since I missed gym on Friday and was obviously not able to go for our normal Saturday trip I made extra effort to pay attention and drink plenty while in the car to avoid "road trip munchies" haha That should be marketed some how.

We woke up late (we needed to leave by 6am, and that is when we got up) so were in a super big rush which made me so glad I made everything and packed it all the night before. We were gonna stop for breakfast anything so that was no big deal. We stopped first at Starbucks for coffee. I didn't want to eat breakfast there even thought I love their low fat coffee cakes. I'm not actually sure how "low fat" they are. (I should prob look that up huh?) They are very sweet and I wanted something with more protein to last since we had several more hours until lunch time. Oh for coffee I got a non-fat, no foam, vanilla latte. We decided to get Twisters which isn't too too bad. ;) I ordered a number #7 which is the "Taos" burrito. It comes with tortilla, cheese, green chili, ham, potatoes, and egg. I had them put the egg, and cheese on the side and gave that to Camron for his breakfast. So I ended up with ham, potatoes, and green chili. It was delicious and while the potatoes still carried calories/fat it did make it a bit better. If you have ever had a burrito from them you know they are huge. Leaving off just the egg and cheese believe it or not made it a lot smaller.
NF; Unknown

After we were done with the show we ate our packed lunch in our truck before heading back on the road. I made my sandwich on a toasted English Muffin. I used a whole laughing cow wedge, 3 pieces of turkey bacon broken in half, and deli style roast beef. It was one of the most amazing sandwiches I've ever eaten. No lie. I also made everyone a pre-measured bag of pretzels with the serving size in them.

Friday night I made up 2 batches of cookies. One was the "Peanut butter softies" from the 1-2-3 book which I had already made prior to then. The other batch was the "Oatmeal raisin softies" also from the 1-2-3 book. I chose to have an oatmeal raisin one which is my fave cookie anyways. It was so amazing. Def of the top 3 cookies I've ever eaten.

Once we got back into town we decided to eat out since we haven't in so long. We chose Texas Roadhouse which at one time was a 1-2 time a week occurrence. I went over in my head on the way what I would order/leave off/ and so forth since the food is amazing but not skimping on calories. I fought the urge not to eat the bread for the longest time but I broke down and cut one piece in half. Luckily I found one with little to no butter on the top. After that I decided to get a diet coke and So Co with lime to avoid any more break downs lol. I ordered an 11 ounce sirloin to split with Cam. (splitting is such an easy way to cut back on portions and save $$$) For my sides I chose a house salad extra tomatoes, lf ranch, cheese and croutons on the side. I gave the cheese and croutons to Cam who also ordered a salad. (IKR a 4 yr old who loves salad!!!!). For my other side I ordered seasoned rice.

When they brought our food we asked right away for to go boxes. I cut my oldest's burger in half and put that along with half of his fries in the box and sat it on the bench. I took half of my rice and 1/3 of my steak and put it up right away. I've done this before for myself but according to my 10yr old he said he really liked it. He didn't feel like he was "leaving" any food on his plate and that the half was more than enough for him. So there ya go. Another quick tip. :)

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