April 19, 2010

Day 19 for Vee!

Today was a WONDERFUL day motivation wise. The response I am getting via twitter and my formspring about my progress is amazing. To know that people are out there, reading what we have to say and getting motivated from us is absolutely amazing! I thank everyone for reading, following along and giving in your input.

I had some cereal. I really wanted to try the chocolate cheerios but I thought I would get creative and add some fiber one caramel delight. So I had that along with some vanilla silk.

This was delicious. I am a dork but the whole chocolate, caramel, vanilla thing was really tasty!

I was going to skip lunch because I haven't been losing any weight lately but I figured I would just eat lunch anyways. I had the perfect pizzas from the recipe and survival book.

These were as good as the first time around. I added some Hormel's real bacon bits for a little taste of bacon and they were yummy!!

Hubby chose to have the lean bean cheese enchiladas again from the 200 under 200 book.

This was awesome, just like the first time. I swear these taste like bean and cheese burritos from taco bell.

Today they FINALLY opened up the gym so we went and played tennis for about an hour and a half. I haven't felt so good in a few days since we couldn't really play hardcore like we wanted. Today has just been a wonderful day!

So, since I forgot to calculate how much I have lost yesterday, I made a point to do it today.

Total weight loss since April 1st: 10.5lbs

It is only 1.7lbs different from last week, but I guess thats ok. It's better then nothing. Husband said 10lbs a month isn't too bad. Maybe in 2024 I will finally reach my goal :D

Anyways, until tomorrow..

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  1. dont skip a meal because you aren't loosing any weight! if your body gets too used to skipping meals you will also stop loosing weight! if you notice that you are starting to plateau change up your workout routine!