April 18, 2010

Day 18 for Mel

Sunday..You always make me sad.

I had the "Big bowl of breakfast" from the 1-2-3 book. I had to modify it just a bit since I forgot to get potatoes O'Brien and canadian bacon. Instead I left out potatoes and used 3 slices of turkey bacon crumbled. This was literally a "Big Bowl" cause there was so much food. I felt like it would be a bit odd since you use cauliflower. Not that I don't love cauliflower I just never had it in my eggs. It really made it so hearty and delicious. This def goes on a fave list. Although I don't think I would do to well eating this on the go. Maybe more of a weekend idea.
NF; Unknown due to modifications. Per book NFs; Fat 3.5g, Calories 262

1. Would you make this again? Oh ya
2. Would you change/add anything? Not to the way I made it this morning but I would like to know how it tastes with potatoes and Canadian bacon.

Since breakfast was so huge I ate a late lunch. I finished my steak from last night and some of Cam's salad he didn't want. I had to pick out all the cheese and it had regular ranch on it. Luckily he didn't drown it so it wasn't to bad.

The hubby made "too-ez mac 'n cheese" from the 1-2-3. The recipe looks pretty simple but I thought I would make sure so I asked him and he said yes, very easy. I haven't eaten whole wheat pasta on a regular basis and don't recall ever giving it to the kids but we all loved it. The texture is a bit thicker and there is some taste of wheat but definitely not noticeable. I specifically asked the kids to tell me how it was different so those were my answers. Again it used the cauliflower in cheese sauce like I used for my breakfast this morning. It made it very chunky and of course more filling. We really couldn't believe with all the cheesyness that this was okay to be enjoying. He also made some ham steaks for added protein so I had one of those as well. Oh and the 1 cup serving size is plenty. The recipe says 4 serving but giving everyone a generous 1 cup serving we had one left over. Yay for me taking my lunch tomorrow.
NF; Fat 4.5g, Calories 202

1. Would you make this again? Definitely especially on days I don't feel like cooking a whole lot.
2. Would you change/add anything? Nope!

Since the only book I have is the 1-2-3 Vanessa will occasionally send me recipes as well as we both get the newsletter. I've been horrible about reading them on the computer and printing them vs just checking them on my phone. Luckily Vee pays good attention and snagged the banana muffin one. I had a small bunch of 5 bananas that was already turning and I needed to use them in a healthy recipe. There are only a few recipes in the 1-2-3 book that call for a banana but I wanted something more like a muffin/bread. These were fabulously delicious! Last time I checked there were 2 left. The hubby especially enjoyed them. They were also very easy to make.
NF; Fat 3.75g, Calories 143 calories.

1. Would you make these again? I'm going to have pretty quick since they are almost gone!
2. Would you change/add anything? I did add one more small banana than it called for b/c we love bananas. I will prob make half the recipe for frosting since I still have a huge bowl left. I only put a thin layer and everyone liked them like that.

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