April 13, 2010

Day 13 with Olivia

Today was really good I think!
I was really tired though and didn't wake up until 8. We have late start sometimes so we started school at 9:20 so I had plenty of time. We also have late start tomorrow.

Brunch: Nutri Grain Bar

Breakfast: Plain bowl of corn chex with 100% orange pineapple strawberry juice I didn't take a pic because I was rushing to get ready!

Lunch: Could have been better, but I was satisfied. PB+J On whole wheat bread, "natural" crunchy regular cheetoes (trying to get rid of em!) with an apple and pudding. Again no pic because I was at school!

Snack: Nutri Grain Bar...cooking makes you hungry

Dinner: After school I was pretty much on my feet for a while because I had to make dinner. I had to make the quiches! I made this amazing faux quiche that is crustless and with egg whites. it has 80 calories per serving! and tons of protein. I wish I had 2 servings because it was really filling but I needed the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow! (for some reason my brother decided to eat half of my crustless quiche) I had it with a cup of dole 100% orange pineapple strawberry juice with some strawberries

Dessert: Double Rainbow Chocolate Sorbet. 99% fat free. This was okay, I like it, but it's not even that satisfying so I'd probably go for a better option next time.

I should have excersised more (I'm off to work out for 30 mins now) (and I hate when someone goes to watch the tv right before you plan on doing wii fit..psh)
But the quiche process took about 3 hours and I didn't have time to go to the gym because I started drivers ed online, so I'll go tomorrow... (I need to get my permit before school ends so I can be ready to get my license on my birthday in august)

WAY better than yesterday though, I felt so bad for having that dominos I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN.
I'm also gonna see if I can get the books tomorrow finally........ :O

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