April 12, 2010

Olivia Day 12

Started at school today and I thought I'd be okay but today wassss FAILED.

Breakfast: chex with strawberries. good!

Brunch: (2 hrs later) Nutri Grain Bar

Lunch: Turkey burger on orowheat sandwich thins, with ketchup and mustard.
Strawberries and Pudding

After I got home I started feeling feverish, stomach achey, and I felt like i had a high blood pressure so I kind of went overboard.

Midday snacking= 1 mini snickers (the little square ones) and a peanut butter cookie

Dinner: Dominos olive pizza=2 slices

I am so pissed at myself you don't even know!
But tomorrow I am just gonna kick my ass and work out really hard.
Yeah sorry for the dull post, during the school week I rush a lot :x

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