April 5, 2010

Day umm .. OH WHO KNOWS w. Dolly! (:

okay so as ya`ll can tell i`m horrible at this blogging thang lmao! it`s hard for me to blog everyday so i`m gonna blog everytime i get the chance! haha. so anyways let`s see what have i been up too, just been trying to get as much rest as possible to fight this cold off so i can STOP being sick already lols! ugh coughing & sneezeing all that crap! no thanks.

i have been doing good on eating, breakfest i will usually have a nutrisystem muffin & applesauce (no sugar added) & also a glass of milk, now with me thats a lot in the morning, cause i used to NEVER eat in the mornings so, i`m slowly getting up there again, now for lunch i can never eat an actual meal, i don`t know why, so i will eat a nutrisytem lunch bar, & i tell you what those suckers fill me up, & if i get hungry i will eat some grapes, or a small wheat roll, i know your like damn you don`t eat nothing, but its hard for me to eat a lot, i used to eat one meal a day, so i am gradually building up my way of eating, as how i got fat ? because that ONE meal was a HUGE fast food meal! so now that i am trying to eat through out the day & healthier food i believe it is helping, & as for dinner i have been eating a chicken salad which seems to be my favorite i can live off those! i have completely cut out soda from my "diet" i drink a shit ton of water which i have always done, & i also went shopping today to buy some stuff so i can make some meals out of the Hungry Girl book, didn`t buy much, just a few items to try some stuff out, other then that i am trying to stay steady on eating good, as for excersice, we are bringing our treadmill back in the house, so i will have that here along with the wii & we can also go to the gym! so i am deffinently trying lovelys! & i will keep you updated as much as i can (:

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