April 1, 2010

Dolly - Introduction.

so, i guess we better get this ball rolling, i have been struggling with my weight pretty much my whole life, i have never been a small girl, which i do not want to be a "small" girl i just want to be "fit & healthy" i guess you could say, i have tried plenty of diets, medifast, nutrisystem, eating healthy in general, & i always come up short, either it`s not working & i give up, or i`m just tired of the food, as most of you know i struggle with anxiety, & i locked myself in the house for two years only eating fast food & junk for those two years, so as you can imagine that is when i put on the majority of my weight, & i have been working to lose it for awhile now, when it comes to the gym, some days i have motivation to go & others i don`t at all, & when i do go, i can only work out for short amounts of time, before i`m completely exauhsted or my back starts to hurt, which is a result of a car accident i was in, so as you can imagine i have plenty of things holding me back, but i am done letting all that control my life, i need to push through the pain & just go for it, being healthy is very important to me & i need to change the way i am liveing!

when i was talking to vee, & she told me about what her & mel were doing, of course i was interested, i had never heard of the hungry girl books before, & i still need to go buy them which i plan on doing tommorrow, & us three girls are going to help eachother, we need eachothers support & help through this, loseing weight for me is not an easy process & i am quick to give up, i feel that these girls will push me & help me stay on track which is why i am so glad to be doing this with them! & i cant wait to go pick up the books, i looked at some of the foods on the website & the food doesn`t look half bad, so of course i am interested, loseing weight eating GOOD food ? hell yeah lets do this!

so with me i still have some of my nutrisystem food left & some of it is really good, so until i get my ass to the grocery store to stock up on hungry girl food which will probably be this weekend, i am still eating nutrisystem meals! & i am hopeing to push myself to get to the gym, or even play my wii & start getting in to shape, this is going to be a long process for me & i have a lot of weight to lose, so i hope you enjoy my posts as well as the other girls, & follow along with us in our journey to be fit & healthy! (:

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  1. This sounds so awesome! I would love to try it too. Let me know babe!