April 12, 2010

Day 12 for Dolly.

so today started off bad, pups woke me up oober early, so my day started shitty blah, today was just an off day for me that`s all, anywho, for breakfast i had a nutrisystem breakfast bar, with some applesauce (no sugar added) & a small glass of milk, i was good for awhile on that, then for lunch didn`t eat much, i just ate some low-fat graham crackers, i just wasn`t feeling to good, then that is all i ate until dinner, i know that`s bad, i just find it hard for me to eat so many times a day, for dinner i had a chicken salad, which was delicious (: & today all i drank was water so that`s good well except the milk in the morning!

i didn`t make any meals out of the book today, just wasn`t feeling to into it today, just one of those days, but i feel better then the last time i posted, i talked to vee & she knocked some sense into me & gave me some great tips, so i`m glad i have these girls to talk to about everything, cause i would of gave up awhile ago lols, well until next time lovely`s! <3

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