April 17, 2010

Day 17 for Vee!

Still going strong. I have a banana cupcake waiting for me, so I am going to make this fast!

I made the choco-monkey oatmeal from the 200 under 200 book.

When I first saw a pic of these, I was thinking to myself, NO WAY will I eat this. It just didn't look right. When I actually read what was in it, I knew I had to try it. Its chocolate and banana, FOR BREAKFAST! The taste of this reminds me of when I used to eat cocoa pebbles with bananas on top. Its yummy! I think that kids would love this too.

I made the cheesy beefy supreme wrap from the chew the right thing recipe cards but I think this might also be in the 1-2-3 book.

You can't see whats in it, but its an amazing blend of soy "meat" crumbles, cheese, taco sauce and amazing sauce. This was so good, this is another recipe that reminds me of taco bell!

I am not too big of a fan of chili, never really have been but when I saw this recipe online, I knew my husband would love it. So I made it. This is the HG's Neat-O Chili-Frito Burrito, which is an online recipe you can find here.

Hubby loved it, it was just ok to me. If you like chili then this might be your thing but it's not something I am dying to eat again. I also had a salad with it. MMM..

So we went to play tennis in the gym and AGAIN the door was locked, even though my husband called the apartment office this morning and told them it was locked. They told him they would unlock it (considering we pay for a key to get in there 24/7) and they didn't. Needless to say, we were pretty disappointed.

We remembered that there were some tennis courts down the road from us, closed. Then we remembered there were another set of them a few blocks more, closed. We randomly drove by a park and found that there were tennis courts there and its only about 2 blocks from our house. We got there about 9:15 and they closed at 10 but they didn't turn the lights off until about 9:20 so we got a pretty nice work out.

I do prefer to do it in the gym because it gets hot and I feel like I am sweating out more but it was pretty fun.

So that's it for tonight. Hope everyone had a fabulous Saturday! Until tomorrow..

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