April 10, 2010

Day 10 for Vee!

desdisjfdjshkfjdhskjh, thats all I have to say. No, just kidding, but I feel like that. It was SO hot today, I was burning calories just breathing, yay for me!

This morning I had the big bowl breakfast from 1-2-3.

Pretty much this recipe was "if you have it in your fridge/freezer, put it in this bowl". There were eggs, o'brien potatoes, canadian bacon, broccoli and cheese. It was very different, there was a lot of flavors going on but it was pretty good. However, they aren't kidding, this bowl is BIG. I could only eat about 1/4-1/2 of it.

I had the super-svelte bacon melt (with turkey bacon) from the recipe and survival book.

And of course I added some YUMMY cheetos. If I wasn't on this "diet", I would probably have eaten the whole bag by now, haha! Anyways, this was good. Turkey bacon was new to me but I didn't taste a difference!

I made stuffed chick cordon bleu from the 1-2-3 book.

I rather liked this. It was chicken with some light swiss cheese laughing cow wedges and some ham. I have never had real chicken cordon bleu before because it calls for bleu cheese (I'm pretty sure) and I HATE blue cheese but this was good. My husband didn't like it though because he hates cheese. He still ate it though. I also steamed some asparagus and mushrooms.

I forgot to weigh myself before dinner so I ate and we went to the gym. It was kind of a bad idea because I feel like my lungs might take a vacation from my body and it was 100 times worse then what it normally is but I guess it was better calories wise, I just feel like hell now. So I did the bicycle thing for 15 minutes (or 3.24 miles) and then did the treadmill for about 3 minutes 12 seconds and decided I was going to die. Then I weighed myself after and I was up .4 lb's, boo, but that's ok!

Well, that's all I have today. Until tomorrow...

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