April 18, 2010

Day 14 for Mel


I skipped breakfast this morning because I was running really late. Horrible yes I know.

I had a half of an English muffin pizza at work which of course was loaded with cheese so I had to remove some. NF unknown since I didn't prepare this myself.

So after work we did our normal child exchange so the hubby could go to work and Camron wanted McDonalds. I did so well resisting the urge to order anything. Go me!

I did my normal 35 on the elliptical but I ran into an old friend of mine and went to do weights and such with him. We did trunk twists (hold a 30lb or so kettlebell, lift your feet off the ground while leaning slight back on your bottom and twist. It works your obliques.) Then we did weighted sit ups (same kettlebell), and pyramids to work our abs yet again. (1 minute each holding your self up with only your feet and elbows middle, side, side). To finish off we did sauna for 15, steam room for 15 and sauna again for 10. I never made it back to finish my last 30 on cardio as this put me just before my 2 hr child care limit. Oh and I almost forgot I lost 1lb!! Yay for me!! I talked briefly with a trainer and unfortunately he said when you start a new diet/weight loss plan the first lbs you drop are water weight. So far I've lost 5 lbs of water weight. This kind of made me discouraged but it's better than nothing.

We stopped by Subway for dinner. We (the boys and I) each had a 6" chicken breast on wheat, american cheese, fresh spinach, tomatoes, pickles, cucumbers, mustard, lf mayo and salt and pepper. We split 2 bags of baked lays one in sour cream and the other in bbq.

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