April 6, 2010

Day 6 for Vee!!

WOOO! Day 6, tomorrow will be one week since I started my HG diet and I am feeling good! Today I weighed myself before dinner and i was down another 1.1 pound (from yesterday) so a total of 5.2, in a week, which makes me SUPER DEE DUPERTY excited, as I have said a million times before.

For breakfast I made the big fat blueberry muffins from the 200 under 200 book.

I am not a huge fan of blueberries, specially fresh ones, I think there are a lot better fruits out there but I made these more for hubby because he loves blueberry muffins. They were pretty good! I have never made muffins from "scratch" before so I think its fun making something new. This included apple sauce, which I thought was pretty interesting. The muffins were supposed to be the BIG muffins, that have 6 to a pan but I decided to do 12 smaller ones.

For lunch I had the cheesy chicken quesadilla from the survival and recipe book.

A quesadilla is a quesadilla, but this was pretty darn good! Adding some scallions to it made it very yummy! I also had a half a serving (16 pieces) of the natural white cheddar puff cheetos (OMG THESE ARE AMAZING!!!) to go along with it. I will most likely be making this a staple for lunches. I love chicken!

For dinner we sort of OD'ed on vegetables. We had the spinach, mushroom and mozzarella supreme from the 200 under 200 book.

I love spinach, and mushrooms, which I am sure you already know and this was actually really good. Much better then I expected. Because I had some vegetables that were about to be expired, I steamed some of them (carrots, which I hate so I didn't grab any of those, broccoli, mushrooms and asparagus) and had those along with it.

We went to the gym for 30 minutes today. This included walking to the gym (in 42 degree weather) which was about 5 minutes and then I did 30 minutes (3.5 miles) on the lifecycle, which is the little bike machine thingi and then 15 minutes on the treadmill.

I made the pb-nana poppers from the 200 under 200 calories book.

After the gym we came back to this yummy snack. These are banana slices with peanut butter (reduced fat) and cool whip (fat free) filling, these are yummy and a great little after work out snack!

So, that is about it for my day, I still can't believe tomorrow is going to be a week since I started this adventure (and actually stuck with it!!!). Until tomorrow..